Organic Waste Management

The expertise at Australian Vermiculture has taken traditional composting further introducing forward thinking vermitechniques to produce a range of biologically rich vermiproducts.


Worm husbandry and the multiplication of live worms at 49 times their mass volume every 21 days form part of the intellectual property used by the company and is an integral part of the unique vermicomposting processes. Biology of the worm is injected into traditionally treated compost using several methods to produce castings or Supasoil, vermicompost and various mulches. It is this unseen microscopic within the products life that is the cornerstone to unlocking previously unavailable nutrients within the soil, providing a healthy biomass for best crop production.


"We farm the soil..." is our way of saying that soil health is an important part of what we do. Providing solutions to organic waste management is only half our job - production of and education in the application of biologically rich productson farm completes the circle.

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