ProCast, pure worm castings, is our highest grade premium product. ProCast is produced using Australian Vermicultures unique vermi-processes and input blending. ProCast is available as a powder for seed coating and as a pellet to be used at seeding, new plantings and as a turbo charge booster for soil conditioning.


Due to its density of nutrients and biology it feeds the seed and initial roots for a strong foundation in early establishment. ProCast is used as a core input in ProGro and ProFert 


ProCast is perfect for

  • Applying as a seed coat

  • Applied at seeding in a granular fert box

  • Soil enricher when planting seedlings


"We are all merely the caretakers of our land and we are endeavouring to pass on a healthy soil to our future generations so they may prosper and grow."

The increased microbial activity results in a greater release of nutrients to the soil, which is the cornerstone to improved crop and plant health. 

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