Developed as an 'add on' to ProCast to make for ease of use and consistency in application, ProPell is produced in both an eight millimeter and 4 millimeter pellet.

ProPell is used as a microbial stimulant as well as a nutrient amendment as it is high in both microorganisms and micro and macro nutrients.

Image 1.0 : ProPell 4 millimeter pellets

ProPell is a unique nutrient and biologically rich pelletised dry fertiliser in bioavailable form. Produced through compression of pure worm castings, ProPell is cold pelletised to ensure the integrity of the microbial life within the raw casting.

ProPell is perfect;

  • early root stimulation in new plantings

  • as a Remediation tool for non – arable land 

  • as a Soil enhancement to improve soil health and production

  • as a builder and stabiliser of microbial populations within soil 

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