2016 Crop Walk - An Invitation

Join us for a Day in the Dirt

2016 - Tuesday October 25


Spend the day learning the importance of soil health in cropping and how valuable a healthy population of microbes is to your crop. Getting this to happen can be a challenge. Learn what types of microbes you need and how to build up their numbers and the importance of crop rotations as practical soil microbiologist Dr Ash Martin from Microbe Labs talks you through it in the field. The day includes practical advice from local farmers, soil pit talk and viewing samples under the microscope.

1st Stop - 2nd year property on Rankin Growing Program

cropping in heavy rocky soils

2nd Stop - 7th year on Rankin Growing Program - soil profile history

Wrap up - BBQ + Beers @ Don & Caz Rankin's

So we can cater please let us know if you'll be joining us for the 'wrap up'.


Meet at Werrimull Hotel

5543 Millewa Rd, Werrimull VIC 3496


Tuesday October 25 9:00am

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