Our Story

Founded in Broken Hill in 1997, Australian Vermiculture has grown from strength to strength  due to the success of our bio-organic fertiliser products. Now located in Mildura, production facilities have been extended to a second site at Mt Compass, SA.

“Company founder Brendon Price has worked hands on with growers, local and international soil scientists and accredited bodies. These collaborations allow us to take a multifaceted approach to the development of our biological fertilisers




Australian Vermiculture is at the forefront of biological fertiliser production and the Vermiculture industry within Australia.


We have the ability to produce worms and expand on castings 49 times their mass volume every 21 days.


We are currently working with leading soil biologists and microbiologists to develop specific strains of microorganisms that can combat fungal issues in crop and re-mediate saline soils.

Working with growers and accrediting bodies to improve on farm soil health is paramount to our core business.

Australian Vermiculture is a biological composting operation and separates itself from waste minimisation composters.

All products are the result of worm worked processes that form part of the company's IP.

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